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At Amanda Markham Photography LLC., we understand the value of capturing those precious maternity and newborn moments, and we are honored to be a part of it. Our trained photographer and assistant have extensive experience in handling newborns safely and making sure they remain comfortable throughout the session. We strive to create a stress-free and relaxed environment, allowing you to cherish this special time with your little one.

Cozy up in our sitting room, enjoy a tv show and take full advantage of our fully stocked snack and coffee bar.

In our professional studio, we offer a variety of luxury newborn wraps, clothing, accessories and props. With your color palette preference in mind,

 we style each session uniquely. 

Maternity Clients have access to our client closest that features

a variety of beautiful gowns. 

Preparing for your Session 

Maternity Client Closet 

Maternity Session

Newborn Session Information 

When should I book my newborn session?


We recommend booking your newborn session as soon as you are given a due date to secure a spot on our calendar.


Book your session for 5-14 days after your due date. If your little one arrives early or late, no worries!! We will move the date accordingly to photograph them during that perfect newborn window.


Book your newborn session in ADVANCE!! Our newborn sessions run Monday-Thursday at 10:30am and 1:00pm. Book these sessions soon enough so that Mom and Dad are still on Leave. Evening and Weekend times will be an additional fee. While we love to accommodate for all of our families, please remember that we have families also.

If you have recently had your baby, message us to get your session time scheduled! Dates are booking quickly.



How should I prepare for my session?

A few things to bring during your session:

1. A PACI! Even if your baby doesn't normally take one. It will help sooth them during posing. This can literally make or break your session!!!

2. Be prepared to feed your little one on arrival. This helps ensure they will sleep during the session. Be prepared for the possibility that your little one may want to be fed more than once during the session.

3. We will allow 1 special item for the Full Bliss Session Only (dog tags, fireman helmet, onesie, etc...) These will be used in one customizable set up. The rest of the session is styled by us. You will be given an opportunity to tell us color preferences on your session questionnaire.




A little about how our newborn sessions go...

When you arrive, we will have you get your baby down to just a diaper and a blanket before feeding them. Next, we will get them in any outfits and wraps they will be in for their photos. They are warm and content after getting all swaddled up.


We have both a photographer and baby whisperer present at the session. We will keep your baby swaddled up and posed safely. While you are welcome to watch, we encourage you to sit back and relax for a little break and a snack.


We try to style every single session uniquely. We encourage you to make wrap color suggestions on your newborn session questionnaire. We provide all props, wraps and outfits for the newborn during the session.


We keep the studio heated to keep the babies warm and sleepy. If your session comes with a family portion, we try to do that first to allow you to change and relax after.



What should I wear to the session?


Our style is rich and moody. We recommend that you avoid pastels and busy patterns. Instead, we recommend wearing earth tones, solids or neutrals.  We will wrap your little one to coordinate with your outfit choice.

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